Most Celebrated Graphic Designers of All Time

graphic-designLet say you want to advertise something, persuade someone or amuse people, give details about an intricate system or explain a process. In short you want to convey a message to someone or to a group of people. Well, how do you do it? You could benefit from verbal communication of course. You could tell people one by one or broadcast by radio or television. On the other hand, if you use visual medium in the least-if you type a letter; create a business logo; make a poster; an album cover or a magazine ad or even make a computer printout-you are using a kind of visual communication known as graphic design.

There would be no graphic design if there are no graphic designers. But what do graphic designers do? Here’s the scope of their job. They craft visual concepts, using their hand or by using computer software; to inform, to communicate ideas, to entertain or to lure would be costumers of a certain product. They help making an organization known to people by choosing images, suitable colors or color combinations, or logo designs that signify a certain idea to be used in advertising and promotions alike.

Well, graphic designing is a bit difficult yet interesting job. However, not just any person who works in the graphic design industry not just anybody could be qualified as a graphic designer. He or she is someone who creates design by piecing together different shapes, art and typography and images to make a piece of their own.

There are many renowned graphic designers that have pioneered the graphic designing industry and have made a mark on the design world.

Here are a few of the well-known graphic designers and a few details regarding their work.

1. David Carson – is first in the list for he is famous all around the world. He is an American who is known as the Father of Grunge’ His fame rose in the 80s and 90s and became leading in the field of typeface designs. He opposed all conventions of the time, and became popular as someone who did what he desired, and became successful at it. David Carson has won various awards in his time.

2. Neville Brody – is an English graphic designer and like David Carson, he became popular in the 80s and he is still highly soft after. He is famous for his works in several magazines and publications. He is widely known for his work on “the Face”, and “Arena” Magazine and designed album covers for famous music artists. The famous research studios was also created by him in the year 1994 and he is a chief founding member of Fontworks.

3. Giambattista Bodoni – Giambattista Bodoni was a well-known Italian graphic designer. Aside from being a graphic designer he was also an engraver, typographer, publisher and printer. At present, he is highly recognized by the well-known typeface or font, ‘Bodoni’, which was his very own creation.

4. Jonathan Ive is also an Englishman and he is the principal designer behind the iMac, MacBook, iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Likewise, he is the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at the world-famous company no other than the Apple Inc. He received awards and recognition but among them, Fortune Magazine awarded him as the “World’s Smartest Designer” in 2010.

5. Kedar Ruth - Everyone’s familiar with the Google logo, but do you know who is behind it? She’s no other than Kedar Ruth. Her designs are not as grand as others but they are extremely effective. Now, she has her own graphic designing firm which name is Kedar Designs.

6. Milton Glaser - Many people would buy “I Love New York” t-shirt and others would have their t-shirts printed “I Love” plus the name of the places they visited as a souvenir, they may want to thank Milton Glaser who designed the logo. In addition, he contributed to many slogans, campaigns, logos, and marketing activities during the course of his illustrious career.

7. Dennis Hwang - Kedar Ruth designed the Google logo but the man behind the Google doodles that always make you smile with their playful incorporation is Dennis Hwang. He is also a very successful designer and who is also credited with designing the Gmail Logo.

The aforementioned people have contributed a lot to innumerable designs and graphics and the world became a more colorful place because of them. They created beautiful designs in their own ways and they captivated most people if not every person. Everything in the world would have lifeless, plain, boring texts and bar codes without the help of them.

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Tips On Securing Photography Jobs

photographerPhotography as a career may seem intimidating and appealing to many and to learn the tricks of the trade, an aspirant can study at an institute that gives him all the training, and seek the guidance of a professional photographer to kick start a successful career. If you are a creative person and would like to make your mark in the field of photography, then you must be pleased to learn that it is currently one of the most glamorous jobs around. The level of job satisfaction, the pay and the possibility of meeting with celebrities attracts many people to photography jobs.

Before deciding on a career in photography, you must sit down and analyze what your field of interest is. Some people are talented at taking landscapes; some at capturing natural wildlife and some are passionate about fashion. You can attain formal training to learn more about your chosen field, experiment a lot and then work as an intern to a professional photographer to gain experience.

It actually takes time to gain a strong foothold if you are starting out on your own. Years of experience will make you a better photographer, so you must be willing to learn even if your formal training is completed. Several photographers start as freelancers before they apply at reputed companies. They set their own deadlines, work at a comfortable pace, and sell their photos to stock agencies. With this experience in hand, they can easily apply for a full time photographer in any organization.

Things to Remember While Choosing Careers in Photography

It all depends on what kind of photographer you want to be. You could be a fashion, product, fine arts, industrial, and commercial or portrait photographer. These jobs will actually let you experiment until you get the right frame and lighting arrangement. However, if you are a sports photographer, a wildlife photographer or a photojournalist then you won’t get lots of time to frame your shots. It is true that wildlife photographers spend weeks and sometimes months in camouflage to get a particular shot, but once he gets his desired action (say, the hunt of a deer or the mating of lions), there won’t be a retake and he has to click at the right time. However, becoming a fashion photographer is also equally challenging. It is an extremely glamorous field and most photographers strive on recommendations and connections. Apart from having a strong portfolio, he must also be an expert at digital manipulation. Luckily for him, there are plenty of software that aid fashion photographers in this respect.

Securing a Portfolio

Finally, a photography aspirant should have an impeccable portfolio. With this portfolio in hand, he can visit agencies and showcase his talents. If you have a good portfolio in hand, then you can definitely assure a good career in photography. Many professional photographers are of the opinion that you must never approach an agency unless you have a stunning portfolio. It is not through a written resume or spoken words that you explain your talents; it is through your portfolio.

Salary - It pays to be a successful photographer. If you are a freelancer, then you might have to start with a low pay scale and then build up a network of references. Once you make good friends in the industry, you can move on and demand higher pay. In the freelancer realm, relationships and connections count a lot; and of course, experience too. On an average, a photographer will get an annual salary of $41,000 and it will depend on location, skills, experience and sometimes, education too. If you become a veteran, then you can demand as high as $90,000.

Lifestyle - While a fashion photographer leads a life of glamour and style, a photojournalist will have to work long, hard, grueling hours to complete his assignment. Similar is the case for a wildlife photographer, because he will have to brave all oddities to get the desired shot. Art photographers are also very much in demand these days and the field commands a lot of respect.

photographyHere are the Skills of Successful Photographer:

  • Knowledge in the latest lighting techniques and equipment
  • A portfolio that speaks for itself
  • Flawless communication skills
  • Boundless creativity
  • Limitless imagination
  • Eye for detail
  • Impeccable judgment

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Visual Arts

visualGraphic designing, as the name suggests is a form of designing a theme, a work, a piece of art graphically which conveys a message or important communication through its representation.

The most common form of graphic designing, which comes to mind is Logo and Brand designing. Others can include publications, advertisements and product marketing. Recently this has also included Web Designing, visual effects for movies and telefilms.

William Addison Dwiggins in 1922 coined the term “Graphic Design” although such works had been existing since ancient times. The various caves and temples of ancient India have elaborate graphic paintings all over them, similarly the Pyramids of Egypt, the caves of Lascux, the paintings on the Sistine chapel by famous painter Michelangelo are all a form of graphic designing. All these paintings describe a story in a graphical manner, which is the crux of visual designing – Interpretation.

Later the advent of printing had an enormous impact on the way and means of graphic media. It opened a large avenue for many designers who like the famous painters or sculpturers couldn’t show their artistic skills on a canvas or a stone and needed a different means altogether. The Arts and Crafts movement from 1860 to 1910, which was led by the publications of William Morris’ Kelmscott Press gave an altogether new significance to this field which was steadily growing up to become a new profession.

The growth of graphic designing as a profession was further added by the Industrial Revolution along with the rapid spread of consumerism. The need of separate and unique identity was a great influencing factor in the need of graphic designs and skillful people who could devise such logos, brands or trademarks. Be it a traffic sign, or the daily burger that we had at our local eatery, or the most successful automobile company to designing in movies, graphic arts was everywhere and needed everywhere. So it was obvious that it also developed as a new stream of subject or course in universities which was much sought after.

In the recent past, the advent of Internet and its use on the World Wide Web has increased the scope of graphic designing in a way which cannot be explained in plain words. The new revolutionary concept of Websites has changed the face of graphic designing and with it the working styles and professional demand for graphic designers.

There is no specific limited role of a graphic designer and it could involve many roles and duties as and needed by the service. For example, they can work as graphic designer, art director, DTP Associate or Graphic Associate. Whatever the role or designation, the basic skills include exemplary skills in creative drawings, illustrations, and other such aspects that involve graphic representation.

A career in this industry is highly rewarding provided the basics and the passion for the arts itself is kept intact. Many universities offer Bachelor’s degree in graphic designing or any such related field, which would be considered as a recommended but not a prerequisite for starting out in this profession.

The average starting salary for a graphic designer to expect can be around 35-50 k dollars, depending on various factors like the place, the company, the educational qualifications etc. If the work is on a pay per hour basis, the average per hour pay that graphic designers can expect would be around 20-30 $ per hour, again considering the various factors mentioned above.

An advantage with this profession is that, we can work as freelancers and still earn a good amount of money as compared to corporate professionals. However starting out as a freelancer is a little tough and more competitive than getting employed with a reputed graphic designing firm. Also the pay at the entry level for freelancers can be a little on lesser side compared to the designers in the industry. An average rate for freelance graphic designer with no educational credentials can be around 15-20$ per hour, and a graduate with proper academic credentials can expect around 25-30$ per hour.

The world of graphic designing is extremely rewarding to the creative mind and there are new avenues to be explored with advances in the technological fields and the drift in the mindset of future generation shall always pose a challenge to the graphic designers to come up something new from their sleeves.

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Tips on How to be Successful in Illustration Jobs

illustrationBecoming a freelance artist doesn’t happen overnight, it takes passion and dedication to become one. If you love drawing or expressing your thoughts through sketches, paintings and other forms of illustrations, you will agree that one has to make a lot of sacrifice in order to hone in these skills. You might be interested in making this your career path but you are not sure how, or where to get those freelance illustration jobs. The following guide will help you attain success in the world of illustrations.

Curve Your Niche: In order to successfully shape up your career in illustrations, you must master the area that you are interested in. Take your time to masters the tidbits in this area. A jack of all trades will never become an expert in a particular field. Chose one area in this field and give it your all.

Become Certified: Some illustration jobs require people to train. This may include learning how to use some software or maybe taking tailor made courses for the field you have decided to venture in. This will build the confidence of future clients that you will be offering services to.

Opinions Count: A good way to know your progress and skill improvement is by getting someone to give their honest opinion on work you have done. Remember for you to claim to be an expert you will need an audience to like your work. You can begin showcasing your work to your friends, colleagues, family and even by participating in art galleries and other events. Don’t let negative comments deter you from achieving your goal.

Get Someone to Hold Your Hand: Identify someone from whom you draw you inspiration from, keenly study their work and try to learn as much as you can from them. Mentors will help you get better at what you do and you can learn a lot from their experience. Also, gather ideas from other sources, including listening to your potential customers.

Show Off Your Skill: Come up with a blog or a portfolio where you can display your work and your audience can leave their comments regarding it. You could also participate in competitions or offer your work for free at a charity event. Using such events you will not only be in a position to get the views of a larger audience but also to practice more on your trade .

Keep a track of how your audience responds to your work. This will help you determine if this could be a full time career for you. If the response is great, you may consider printing some business cards to help your customers reach you.Remember since you are new in the field its good to find out how other freelancers charge their work. Consider putting your prices slightly lower till you get loyal customers. Once you are offered a job treat it like its the only job you are ever going to do. This will help you invest a lot in terms of time and you will guarantee customer satisfaction. Crafting a mantra such as “if I don’t get another client from referrals, then my work was not good enough” will help you take the work seriously and it will help you deliver top notch work.

If you are currently working it’s always advisable not to quit your job immediately to venture into freelancing, but to take time and save some money that will see you stay in business even when you don’t have any project to work on. The nature of freelancing is that you can never know when the next project will come. Your savings will help during the dry periods and sustain you during the search for new projects.

Another pointer is “Learn to say No!” If you are not sure of the job you are being offered, or if it is a topic that doesn’t interest you its good to say no, rather than taking a job, then end up performing poorly, and ruin your reputation. Remember it takes a second to tarnish your name and to get back the reputation it will take you ages!

If you decide to take a dive in this field, set goals and objectives. Try to establish where you want to be in the next three years and if this is the field that you would want to make a living from. These questions will help you and your career grow. Remember, if you are not willing to leave the shore you will never discover new islands!

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